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BITO R&D’s JB-POWER MAGTAN has established a reputation by demonstrating its outstanding performance in races such as MotoGP, superbikes, and AMA and earned the trust of numerous manufacturers and race teams that operate in the limitless world of racing, by answering their strict demands.

Following our convictions to provide the technology cultivated in racing-world to everyone we began with the development of our next wheel, and in collaboration with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. an entirely new type of high-performance wheel, JBK came into existence.

It incorporates all the know-how and technology we accumulated and albeit its dynamic shape implies a strong design focus, we made sure that MAGTAN JBK has an excellent weight reduction, strength, and rigidity balance.

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Exclusive Design

MAGTAN JBK is an entirely new type of...

MAGTAN JBK is an entirely new type of high-performance wheel that has been commercialized through joint development with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. The intricate and unique design that distinguishes itself from other wheels is based on technology gained during races. Since it has been developed in collaboration with Kawasaki, it is exclusively for Kawasaki motorcycles and available in the special color, metallic green.

Truss Type Spokes

The spokes of JBK have a unique shape...

The spokes of JBK have a unique shape that was developed with performance in mind. The truss design has high rigidity, excellent strength, and superior durability. It’s capacity to support hard braking, extreme power delivery and fast responses contributed to significant time-cuts on the circuit and make JBK suitable for riding on various roads.


JBK’s most distinctive feature is its ...

JBK’s most distinctive feature is its dynamic design. Various weight reduction techniques, including “Rim-Pockets”, make it significantly lighter than you might imagine from its appearance. The combination of H-shaped and U-shaped spokes provide an excellent balance of weight reduction and rigidity to achieve ideal running performance.