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The JB-POWER brand is renowned as the “Key to Victory” by world-leading teams!

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JB-POWER special parts include products from various manufacturers like Keihin carburetors, KYB suspensions, and F.C.C clutches, all of which are high-quality, high-performance parts that meet our proprietary standard JB-SPEC. Among them are jointly developed products, that are manufactured exclusively according to BITO R&D’s setting, shape, and quality specification.


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BITO R&D’s “JB-POWER MAGTAN”, the world’s first commercially available forged magnesium wheel, is renowned for its lightweight, rigidity, durability, and accuracy. It has been successfully adopted by the Kawasaki, Suzuki Works teams in the MotoGP as well as various superbike and endurance races.

MAGTAN continues to evolve by constantly incorporating the latest insights acquired in countless tests and races and prevails as the first choice in the world’s most competitive races.


Since it had been chosen for the Kawasaki Works ZX-7RR Superbike Racer in 2001, JB-POWER MAGTAN and Kawasaki have been shining companions in the MotoGP, Suzuka Hours, and various other races.

This ongoing race corporation leads to countless insights and achievements that are not limited to the circuit like the joint developed Kawasaki exclusive MAGTAN JBK.


Since the introduction of the new MotoGP in 2002 MAGTAN was adopted by the Suzuki Works team till its hiatus in 2011 and chosen again when Suzuki resumed GP activity in 2015. Additionally, it has been used by Suzuki’s AMA works team US Yoshimura and other endurance racers like Team Kagayama.


JB-POWER MAGTAN has not only been used by works teams but also by private teams. It has supported many riders and teams in playing an active role in various race scenes.

JB-POWER products such as MAGTAN, JB-POWER/KEIHIN FCR, and CRS carburetors, JB-POWER/KYB suspensions hold a solid presence in events like Taste of Tsukuba, Iron Horse, and various endurance races such as the Isle of Man TT.

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