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There Is No Better Tuning Than Lightness

Considering the laws of physics, the movement of an object is determined by its weight; consequently, the mass of motorcycle severely affects its performance. In this regard, “Lightness” is a very important factor for boosting performance, and serves as a form of tuning that surpasses any other. “Lightness” is a significant weapon in all areas including acceleration, handling, deceleration, and braking. No matter how much engine power is increased, a heavy machine cannot run fast or comfortably.

As you will immediately find when lifting an ordinary wheel, it weighs much more than you expect. The inertial mass generated by high-speed rotation during running constitutes a load that exceeds our imagination and impacts the movements of a motorcycle greatly. Even a tiny weight difference, like several tens of grams while at rest, increases by many times during the movement.

Furthermore, not just extreme rigidity but a good rigidity-balance with appropriate flexibility and deflection, invisible to the naked eye, is essential for handling and grip performance.

JB-POWER MAGTAN’s unique shapes and spoke design, developed according to the long experience of JYO BITO, provide outstanding rigidity-balance as well as strength and lightness. We are confident that JB-POWER MAGTAN wheels improve the turning characteristics, the road following capability, brake stability and reduce fuel consumption, making it far superior to any conventional product.

Developement And Production Of Magtan

Race Bike Accessories

The weight of magnesium with a specific gravity of 1.7 is about two-thirds that of aluminum and roughly one-quarter that of iron. It is the lightest metal used in practical applications, possesses superior specific strength, vibration-damping properties, machinability, dimensional stability, and hollow-proof properties. Thus magnesium is considered to be the most suitable material for racing wheels.

However, since magnesium alloys were comparatively new and rather difficult to handle, processing methods had not been completely established. Therefore, the journey to the production of JB-POWER MAGTAN was a continuous process of trial and error. Beginning with obtaining an F1 wheel as research material, the extensive investments reached several million dollars, including the acquisition of new machine tools. From groping in the dark, proceeding by making one small step at a time, a 5 year-long, continuous development process eventually led to BITO R&D producing the world’s first commercial forged magnesium wheel.

We have established a manufacturing process that no one had been able to achieve. First a billed is forged with ultra-high pressure by an 8000t press, resulting in a material of incredible strength. Then the rim section’s basic shape is formed by a process called spin forging. The finishing process is performed by our well-trained, experienced engineers and technicians, operating highly advanced CNC lathes and integrated milling machinery.

Due to the development of new alloys, heat treatment, and anti-rust technologies, the corrosion resistance, which had been a major problem of magnesium products so far, was greatly improved resulting in a product of significantly enhanced lifetime with superior cost-performance ratio. JB-POWER MAGTAN a “dreamlike” wheel of ultra-high rigidity, precision, and extraordinary lightness was realized by the combination of high-level engineering, numerous inspections, running tests, and the passion of BITO R&D striving to create world-class products.

Production Flow

JB-Specs High Performance Parts
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Quality Control

Needless to say that all JB-POWER MAGTAN wheels meet the technical requirements of the JASO T 203 (standard for light alloy motorcycle wheels) indicated by the JWL mark and tested on our house internal JASO compliant, testing machines (see below).

Apart from that, like all our products, MAGTAN wheels and their peripheral parts such as sprockets, carries, collars, etc. need to pass JB-SPEC – BITO R&D’s extremely strict quality and performance requirements.

In the ongoing quest for constant improvement, our specialized factory lab performs quick and accurate tests on a regular base. Therefore, the technology and knowledge obtained through these tests can be reflected in our products rapidly, to always manufacture products that are ahead of their time.

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Radial Load

This is a test, in which a large drive drum (road surface) rotates while applying a radial load to the wheel on which a tire is mounted.


In this test, a heavy pendant is dropped on a wheel that has a tire attached.

Torsion Fatigue Test

In this test, a torsional (turning) moment is repeatedly applied to the fixed wheel.

Bending Fatigue Test

In this test, the wheel is rotated while a bending moment is applied to the hub.

Custom Made


For extremely rare bikes or in the quest for something special some customers might require a wheel application that cannot be covered by our standard line-up. However, in many cases, we can provide individual solutions to match special requirements like hub width, brake disk width or chain line, etc. Additionally, we frequently add new models or measure genuine wheels on customer requests to judge whether a MAGTAN equivalent can be manufactured for a great variety of bikes. BITO R&D’s devotion to customer satisfaction does not end here. We understand that many riders want something unique and offer an exclusive whish color paint service and additional design options like rim-stripe etc. as well as a repaint and repair option to provide our MAGTAN customers with a long-term product-life solution.


In 2001 JB-POWER MAGTAN was chosen for the Kawasaki Works ZX-7RR with instant success and has been successively adopted by various works teams and privateers such as Suzuki and US Yoshimura since then. MAGTAN’s lightness, ideal rigidity-balance, and stable performance are the best advantages in the harsh conditions of bike racing. Answering the trust of the world’s top riders and supporting their riding style BITO R&D goes to great lengths, like realizing the slightest weight reduction of even 0.1g and constantly improves MAGTAN to create even better and stronger wheels.

What Our Customers Say

Originally, I thought that 400cc bikes are inherently light and did not think about exchanging the wheels, yet when I went to my usual bike shop there was a Z1000MK-II with JB-POWER MAGTAN attached.
The owner told me that with MAGTAN wheels the handling, cornering, fuel consumption, etc. had changed dramatically.
After hearing his story I was eager to get MAGTAN for my ZXR400 and ordered on the spot. Sadly, my model was not in BITO R&D’s line-up. However, after contacting their sales representative and measuring my wheels they could offer a one-off production.
When my MAGTAN wheels finally arrived I was thrilled because I almost had given up to see them mounted on my bike.

Purchased at "ライムグリーン"ZRX 400 L

Recently I have been looking around for custom wheels. However, I could not find what I was looking for and decided to contact various manufacturers. Most of them would not offer custom-made products and the one who did was very expensive and had an extremely long delivery time.
Finally, I contacted BITO R&D through “ライコランド”, a mass retailer. BITO R&D agreed to give it a try and asked me to send the front wheel and rear wheel/swing arm assembly for measuring. After a while, I got the reply that they could make a one-off, which I ordered.
Naturally, it was a bit more expensive than list price, but compared to other manufacturers, the price and delivery time was more than satisfactory.

Purchased through “ライコランド” Shin-YokohamaVTR250 ‘17(FI)

Wheel Parts

The JB-POWER way demands perfection down to the last detail without compromise. JB-POWER MAGTAN peripheral parts are developed with precision, durability, and BITO R&D’s unique design in mind and are subject to rigorous in-house tests.


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Paint & Repaint

All MAGTAN wheels are painted in-house by BITO R&D’s diligent specialists and are available in 8 standard colors: White, Silver, Gold, Gunmetal, Black, Semigloss Black, Matte Black and Kawasaki Metallic Green (JBK only). Additionally, we offer a special color paint service for our MAGTAN customers who want an individual solution. Please get in touch! Naturally, our repaint service offers the same standard color palette as well as special colors for a fee. To ensure that our customer’s long-term satisfaction BITO R&D does not stop with repainting but also offers overhaul services bearing and valve exchange, etc.

Standard Colors

Magtan JB4

Custom Colors

Please contact us if you are looking for something different.

Rim Stripe

How about a little contrast to the base color?

Anti-Slip Coating

Recommended for those who compete on the Circuit!
{※Only available for Race Wheels}


Our repainting service takes care of paint chips and small scratches etc., to make your MAGTAN wheels like new.

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