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It is our mission to contribute to building a better society by bringing happiness and excitement to people in providing the world’s highest quality products and services!


Excell & exceed

We aim to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations through the technology we established by continuous R&D.

Grown & Fulfillment

All employees maximize their abilities and realize happiness through their daily work.

Ongoing Challenge

We continue to take on the challenge to become a company that is recognized by everyone and grow into a small but global business.


At BITO R&D, we aim for world-leading quality in developing products without compromise.

The Pursuit of Performance!

The maximum performance that BITO R&D pursues is not just a bunch of numbers on a graph, but a truly safe and enjoyable ride. Therefore, all manufactured products do not only undergo the usual performance checks but are subject to repeated real-world running tests without compromise until the ideal outcome has been achieved.



BITO R&D’s proprietary standard, JB-SPEC, is constantly evolving based on our new technologies and experience, and the standard that is reflected in all manufactured products. For this reason, we always maintain the highest quality and beauty regardless of introducing a new product or manufacturing items that are part of our established lineup.


World-class Production Technology and Quality Control!

BITO R&D has established an integrated production system from design to the final product, comprising of multiple production processes, technologies, and tests. Although both technology and equipment are highly difficult, this production system makes it possible to flexibly respond to diversified needs from general users to race users, works teams, and special custom vehicles.

Production Control

BITO R&D’s facilities enable design, processing, and testing, allowing us to control the entire process of product development and production. Therefore, we are capable to respond to a wide range of needs.


We regularly produce and stock all our major parts and can restock quickly thanks to our highly advanced fully integrated production system. Due to the superior skills of our well-trained, experienced engineers and technicians and by utilizing state-of-the-art CNC lathes and integrated milling machinery we can create high-performance products according to our image.


Not all products handled by BITO R&D are manufactured in-house. Therefore, we strictly examine whether they meet our high standards, JB-SPEC, and only supply products of approved quality and performance.


The parts produced by BITO R&D are widely known under the JB-POWER brand and have earned trust and reputation not only in Japan but all around the world like the US and Europe for their exceptionally high precision, strength, and extraordinary beauty.

Who we Are

BITO R&D’s employees are people from all over the country that do not just work here but gathered to do the outstanding things that can only be done at BITO R&D. Although each has different abilities and focus of interests, the direction they are aiming for remains unchanged – World-Leading Quality!

Complete Machine

Experience the ultimate Motorcycle!


Performance, Control Quality!


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Meet Us – Consultation, Inquiry, Visit

Please get in touch or meet us at events if you would like to personally talk to BITO R&D staff, get a custom consultation, see our product first hand, or just want to test ride one of our Complete Machine Demo Bikes.


The JB-POWER MEETING is a test drive and presentation event hosted by BITO R&D in which the whole team beginning with Mr. Jyo Bito, the sales staff, designers, engineers, and technicians are looking forward to meeting and talking to our customers. Please feel free to join us.

Factory Visit

For those that are interested in BITO R&D and would like to see where the magic happens, want to have a look at the JB-POWER showroom, are eager to ride a Complete Machine Demo Bike, or would like to have an extended consultation with Mr. Bito or the ales staff regarding their custom bike a factory ist is the perfect opportunity. Please contact us in advance!

Race & Events

Please feel free to drop by at our exhibition booth at race events, meetings, and custom shows like Taste of Tsukuba where we also offer limited event gifts and special sales.