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Since 1999 race motorcycles transformed into high-performance machines. Beginning with the MotoGP, the pinnacle of motorcycle racing, technical abilities as well as design were constantly improving.

To meet the demands of those exciting times, BITO R&D developed JB3, an entirely new MAGTAN model. With a more race-focused design and superior performance, JB3 crushed its rivals on the international race scene, was adopted by Kawasaki and Suzuki for their MotoGP and Superbike machines as well as by numerous other works teams. An epoch-making wheel and that revolutionized the market!

The H-shape spokes extending from the hub split into a Y-shape towards the rim to improve the impact resistance and rigidity and provide excellent road surface followability under any circumstances. MAGTAN JB3 is a multilateral wheel that matches the design and performance of the 750cc race legends from the golden age as well as currents sports and naked bikes.

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Revolutionary Design

The performance and functions of race machines...

The performance and functions of race machines are subject to constant upgrades that when transferred to their commercial counterparts result in evolutionary advancements like lighter chassis, improved maneuverability, and better aerodynamics due to enhanced fairings.
Naturally, the progress of wheels can not stop when motorcycles evolve, while realizing lightness is mandatory JB3’s spokes extend from the hub and split into a Y-shape towards the rim... The wheel aimed at the top has a revolutionary beautiful design!

Fusion of Rigidity and Flexibility

Wheels are complicated parts with many factors ...

Wheels are complicated parts with many factors to be considered. As a result, it can not be said that a wheel will perform well as long as one focuses deeply on rigidity. Only if rigidity, flexibility, durability, and lightness are adequately united in a wheel it deserves to be called JB-SPEC.
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Developed with the race performance in mind...

Developed with the race performance in mind, JB3 has a completely different design to its predecessors. JB3’s biggest feature is the 10 Y-shaped spokes design that combines H-shaped and U-shaped cross-sections. Each of these cross-section shapes has its advantages. Though making the most of these, JB3 became a wheel of superior lightness and rigidity that supports various conditions from hard braking to light acceleration. A part that perfectly matched the demands of that era’s race scene.