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JB4 released in 2008, was derived in a continuous trial and error process and is the unstinted result of all our research & development, know-how, and wheel technology since the debut of MAGTAN in 1999.
Although it is the lightest publicly available MAGTAN wheel, with its ideal balance of high rigidity, excellent impact and corrosion resistance, road-following ability, and appropriate elasticity, JB4 proudly positions itself as the ultimate commercial race wheel.

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Ultimate Street Wheel

JB4 is the accomplishment of repeated R&D without...

JB4 is the accomplishment of repeated R&D without making compromises to create a wheel that will deeply move the owner and bring true satisfaction. A wheel of industry-leading lightness, rigidity, durability, corrosion resistance, and enticing beauty beyond expectations. The ultimate wheel for all bike lovers is here.

U Shaped 7 Spokes

At first glance, JB4’s spokes seem to have a ...

At first glance, JB4’s spokes seem to have a U-shaped cross-section, however, their connection to the hub is executed in an H-shape. Apart from weight reduction and high rigidity, this special structure increases elasticity and allows moderate deflection, giving JB4 strength in the rotation direction and the flexibility to deal with braking forces and the uneven asphalt. This ideal balance results in excellent road surface following capabilities.
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The newly designed seven-spoke JB4 possesses an...

The newly designed seven-spoke JB4 possesses an exquisite rigidity balance, allowing an ideal driving performance.
JB4’s superior capabilities not only provide significant advantages in races but also play an important role on public roads, like a reduced strain on the rider in various situations, improved fuel efficiency, enhanced corrosion resistance and reliability due to rust prevention technology, and above all the sheer pleasure of riding. The joy of lightly accelerating, decelerating, and cornering as you wish is a pleasure you can only experience with lightweight wheels.