The Global Spirit Began Here

The story and trajectory of B ITO R&D Co., Ltd. originated in Mr. Jyo Bito’s strong believes and a number of fortunate encounters …



A Vehicle called Motorcycle

Mr. Bito rode his first bike, a Honda Super Cub, and instantly was captivated by the vehicle called motorcycles.


A Half Lap Round Trip

During high school summer vacation, he went out on a touring trip around Japan with his CB72. However, in the midst of his trip, a rancher in Hokkaido called out to Mr. Bito to work for him part-time. As he stayed time flew by and before he had noticed summer vacation was over and the Japan round trip had turned into a half lap.


From Okinawa to the World

Mr. Bito visited Okinawa shortly after it had been returned to Japan.
While living in a camp, he met American soldiers that were heading for the Vietnam War. This encounter made him realize the value of freedom and how limited his horizon had been so he decided to go to the United States to see the world.


America, Los Angeles and POP Yoshimura

Mr. Bito shipped his trusty Z2 by sea to the United States to do a North America round trip through Canada, the US, and Mexico.
He planned to just make only a brief stop in Los Angeles, California where he met Mr. Hideo Yoshimure, also know as POP Yoshimura, who instantaneously employed him.


Daytona and the Yoshimura Z1

About one month before the USA’s ultimate performance motorcycle competition the Daytona Superbike Race, the Yoshimura R&D facilities were destroyed by a fire. Mr. Bito was suddenly entrusted with the team and their Z1 finished in 3rd place.


Le Mans and Bordeaux

After gaining experience as a racing mechanic and tuner under Mr. Hideo Yoshimura, he competed hard in AMA Superbike Race, as well as the French Le Mans and Bordeaux 24-hours endurance races.


Ron Pierce’s, Freddie Spencer’s, Mike Baldwin’s Mechanic

Scouted by the Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Racing Service Center he became a race mechanic for Honda America, was responsible for the machines of Ron Pierce, Freddie Spencer as well as Mike Baldwin, and developed the CB750/1100F Superbike machines together with his colleague Mike Velasco from the Yoshimura era and Udo Gietl who came from BMW. He also participated in the World GP with the NR500 together with Freddi Spencer.

Katayama’s NS500

Katayama’s NS500

In 1982 Mr. Bito was is in charge of Takazumi Katayama’s NS500 as a mechanic for the Honda GP team (HRC).


From HRC to BITO R&D

After retiring from HRC he set out to travel around the world, lectured at a mechanic school in Italy yet prematurely returned to his hometown Toyooka City, Japan to found BITO R&D and begin with the research and sales of tuning and racing parts.

Best Selling Keihin CR Special Kit

Best Selling Keihin CR Special Kit

In 1984 BITO R&D became an authorized KEIHIN Precision Machinery Factory distributor and started selling CR Special carburetor.
Unlike previous kits, the JB-POWER CR special carburetors were equipped with all necessary fitting parts and vehicle-specific settings, making them widely appreciated and the best-selling aftermarket carburetor kits in the world.



BITO R&D began selling race pistons as the exclusive distributor for Cosworth Engineering UK in Japan.

Techno Magnesio

Techno Magnesio

BITO R&D began importing and selling magnesium race wheels as Japan’s sole distributor for Techno Magnesio, Italy

The New Factory

The New Factory

BITO R&D moved to new production facilities including a new exhaust factory in Okuno, Toyooka City to expand its business and production capabilities.

New Machinery

New Machinery

In 1997 the Okuno production side was complemented by a fully revised office and the construction of a new factory equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as NC lathes and machining.

FCC Heavy Duty Clutch

FCC Heavy Duty Clutch

In 1999 BITO R&D added F.C.C. Co., Ltd. reinforced heavy-duty clutches to their lineup.

The Ascent of MAGTAN

The Ascent of MAGTAN

In 1999 the research and development for the world’s first commercially available forged magnesium wheel “JB-POWER MAGTAN” was completed and in 2000 the first lots we shipped out to customers all over the world.

Kawasaki ZX-7RR with MAGTAN

Kawasaki ZX-7RR with MAGTAN

MAGTAN JB3 is used by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd works team for their ZX-7RR Superbike machine.


MAGTAN in the MotoGP and AMA

MAGTAN JB3 has been successfully adopted by Suzuki and Kawasaki in the MotoGP as well as by various SuperBike Championship teams like US Suzuki.

Michael Jordan Motorsport / JB 6-POT brake system

Michael Jordan Motorsport / JB 6-POT brake system

– In 2005 Michael Jordan Motorsport’s GSX-R1000 competes in the US on MAGTAN wheels.

– The JB-POWER Radial Mount 6-POT caliper brake system is added to BITO R&D’s lineup.

Honda CBR1000RR competes on MAGTAN

Honda CBR1000RR competes on MAGTAN

In 2006 the MAGTAN JB3 equipped American Honda Motor Co., Ltd. CBR1000RR participates in the US Superbike series.

Corporation with CP-PISTON

Corporation with CP-PISTON

In 2009 began the import and joint development of BITO R&D exclusive pistons with the US Piston and Conrod manufacturer CP-CARRILLO.


Better Than New – Crankshaft Overhaul

BITO R&D introduced their popular Z1 crankshaft rebuild and overhaul service.

The origin of JBK

The origin of JBK

Begining of the research and development of an exclusive Kawasaki World Super Bike race wheel – JBK.

The First JB-POWER Brand Pistons

The First JB-POWER Brand Pistons

In 2013 the first JB-POWER BRAND pistons for the Kawasaki Z1 were added to BITO R&D’s lineup, to be followed by many other motorcycle models.


MAGTAN JBK / Z1000R, Z1100R Seat Cover Replacement

–  Since 2016 BITO R&D provides its Z1000R, Z1100R seat cover replacement service.
–  JB-POWER MAGTAN – JBK, an entirely new type of high-performance wheel developed in collaboration with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and exclusively for Kawasaki models is added to the lineup.



BITO R&D was chosen as one of the three companies worldwide that compete in Kawasaki Heavy Industries exclusive BEYOND Z – Z900RS Custom Project.



DUNLOP and BITO R&D cooperate for the promotion of DUNLOP’s new TT100GP radial tire and the JB-POWER Z900RS COMPLETE MACHINE.