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Lightness is the greatest weapon in the harsh competition for 1/1000 of a second, known as racing! However, it’s not just a matter of lightness; strength, rigidity, and flexibility are just as important. Although these seem to be conflicting objectives, BITO R&D’s designated race wheel MAGTAN JB5 makes it possible! JB5 that was exclusively developed for racing with a consequent focus on weight reduction and performance, radiates a different aura of strength and beauty than the rest of the MAGTAN series.

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Racing Wheel

Unlike wheels for commercial motorcycles ...

Unlike wheels for commercial motorcycles that are intended to be used in a variety of circumstances, JB5 was exclusively designed for one purpose of, running fast in races. Leaving only the essential, excessive weight reduction makes, the performance-focused JB5 the lightest wheel in the history of MAGTAN and a symbol for BITO R&D’s convictions and passion.

Dedicated Shape

Albeit lightness is the best advantage in...

Albeit lightness is the best advantage in the harsh conditions of racing, rigidity and durability can’t be neglected.
JB5’s extensive weight reduction while maintaining more than adequate strength is made possible by the advanced technology and vast knowledge gained through research and development. With its sophisticatedly machined, brawny H-shape spokes, sturdy rim, and large diameter hub JB5 can even withstand the extreme forces that arise in races.
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JB5 is not just a race wheel, it is an...

JB5 is not just a race wheel, it is an ever-evolving wheel. We will continue to challenge even higher heights by responding to requests from manufacturers who use our wheels in the severe race environment.
The special shape, Anti-Slip coating on the rim, excessive weight reduction, etc.. are the consequence of the pursuit for ultimate performance which we call functional beauty. The valuable data and experience acquired in the racing world are consequently implemented on the street to continuously evolve our commercial wheels.