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The development of MAGTAN began in 1995 and in 1999 BITO R&D eventually launched JB1, its first proprietary wheel, which at the same time, was the world’s first commercially available forged magnesium wheel.

It is a classic cross-shaped five-spoke wheel with a common yet enticingly simple and timeless design that enhances the presence of motorcycles from vintage to modern.

However, apart from its alluring design JB1 is both strong and flexible, and promises outstanding performance as well as light handling even for heavy bikes.

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Classical Design

Rather than focusing on top speed, ...

Rather than focusing on top speed, riding comfort, or modern looks JB1’s with its nostalgic design and dignified beauty does not yield to the constantly changing trends of these times.
Heritage, vintage, classic, the descriptions may vary, but in the end, they all mean the same.
To those who seek steadiness ...

Cross-Shaped Spokes

The beautiful cross-shaped spokes design has ...

The beautiful cross-shaped spokes design has a good balance of weight saving and rigidity that together with JB1’s moderate flexibility make the decisive factors for stability and agile handling while riding on the street.


Despite being the oldest MAGTAN model, ...

Despite being the oldest MAGTAN model, JB1 still has many fans due to its beautiful design and reliable performance.
This wheel, with its simplicity, enhances the presence of a motorcycle in perfect harmony and is a truly eternal masterpiece that embodies BITO R & D's aim of " manufacturing long-lasting products that can be handed down to the next generation."